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Our company offers programming, design, and consulting services to a wide range of industries and business areas. Working with you continuously, we are able to execute a project from a mere concept to the final, polished solution. Our highest quality services are driven by the customer's comfort, cost benefits, schedule and budget targets, and confidentiality and security issues.

1. Digital writing platform and form management solution

In this modern world, state of the art technology with efficiency are very crucial in delivering excellent product that could help in reducing operating cost and maximizing profit. In such, we introduce to you a smart, powerful, versatile yet easy-to-use forms processing solution to capture data faster which could help your organization in receiving real-time information and valuable workflow.

The new & user-friendly technology from XMS Penvision in digital writing platforms will empowers the information of traditional handwritten on paper forms and also tablet forms to be converted into modern digital data that could then be integrated into enterprise back-end systems for further processing & automation procedures.

The intelligent & time saving solution comes with many user friendly tools for development, administration and processing of tablet form and paper form solutions that will help you to manage information and forms quickly.

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2. Real time analytics and live visualization

In making the right time decision making, an organization needs a better insight and visibility of their operation. With Presto, an organization can combine data from multiple sources such as data warehouses, social media, live news feeds and even Microsoft Excel to create real time visualization for responding to changing business condition.

Presto is easy to use which means IT personnel and power users can create new apps & meaningful dashboard in hours or even minutes. Presto has the strength to accept unstructured data from social media. The apps also capitalize on HTML5 for optimization on smartphone mobile.

Such features makes Presto is a simple, powerful and robust tool to bring together multi source data into meaningful real-time dashboard.

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3. Custom Software Development

Our development services will get the software tailored to your business needs and industry requirements. By leveraging our solid software development expertise and latest technologies, we deliver cost-competitive and top-class solutions. Our specialists have solid experience not only in Windows and Linux development but in programming for Mac OS as well.

4. Internet/Intranet Software Development

Evergrowing demand for Internet/Intranet software solutions is driven by rapidly changing market conditions and technology progress. To streamline your business, we address those issues with our Internet and Intranet services such as standard Web development, PHP development for dynamic application and AJAX development for interactive websites.

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